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What We Do for Our Users

BadakTabib gives users information that  helps them find the right doctors according to their individual needs.

Randomly selecting a doctor out of your Health Insurance Doctor Directory will become a thing of the past. On BadakTabib, you can search by specialty or more specific criteria such as sub-specialty

We are dedicated to providing you with accurate information, as well as sharing the opinions of other BadakTabib Users. A doctor's profile may be continually updated in real time via patient opinion and doctor endorsements.

Doctors can opt to be listed in the  "Featured Doctor' section for  an additional fee.

We are committed to continually improving our site. We are open to the suggestions and ideas of our Users. Please visit our “contact us” page to post your comments.


What We do for doctors, pharmacists, labs...

BadakTabib enables YOU to connect with millions of patients with your online profile.

You can view your patients opinions & get feedback on how they rate you; This can help every doctor assess his or her own strengths and weaknesses and change accordingly.

We provide you with access to your profiles, allowing you to change and correct information. At BadakTabib, we strive for fairness and accuracy.

Through our "Featured Doctors" section, doctors can advertise to millions of potential patients.

BadakTabib hopes the site benefits you in improving your choice of a doctor.